Tips on How To Take Care of Your Dairy Cows

holstein and jerseyJust the way you would provide a lot of attention to your car to avoid tow service, same care should be applied to your dairy cows.  Cows will always come first on a dairy farm, and this is for a good reason. When farmers give their best to take care of their cows, these animals stay healthy to the point of giving delicious and wholesome milk. Animal care is quite crucial, and you should learn to give only the best to your cows.

Many people are getting into the business of keeping dairy cows with the aim of getting a fresh supply of milk. Before going into this venture, there are a couple of things you need to bear in place to have a smooth operation. You can get some animal husbandry books and also talk to a veterinarian to that you may know what to expect. To get started in this venture, there are certain things you need to keep in place; Continue reading Tips on How To Take Care of Your Dairy Cows

Common Livestock Illnesses You Need to Know

livestock diseasesThe United States remains the world’s leading supplier of beef to the world. There is an abundance of pastureland in the middle of the nation that combines with raising of small herds of cattle on a family farm. In as much as it may be easy to raise animals, it has to be known that cattle face a variety of diseases. Diseases are more common among herds that are kept in a tight and enclosed location.

As a farmer, you have the duty to prevent the spread of diseases between animals, and from animals to humans. We have prepared this content to help readers and farmers understand the basics of hygiene and farm health planning measures that are set to help in prevention and mitigation of animal diseases. Common of the disease that affects livestock include; Continue reading Common Livestock Illnesses You Need to Know

Common Dairy Cow Breeds to Keep

HolsteinMight you have wondered why all dairy cows do not look the same? Some prepare more milk than others, with some thriving in certain climatic conditions. Do you want to get into the business of keeping dairy cattle and lack the vital knowledge on what it takes to succeed in this venture? Worry no more, we are here to get you started in understanding the best breed of dairy cows to keep.

Dairy cattle are cows that are bred due to their ability to produce milk. There are 5 leading breeds of dairy cows that farmers need to make a choice from. These breeds include; Continue reading Common Dairy Cow Breeds to Keep